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Sola Scriptura

  *Sample CD

This CD is comprised of 22 songs wholly based on scripture verses. All songs were arranged by Manne for SATB/piano. 18 songs are his compositions. His Swedish friend Svante Widen helped with the majority of the orchestrations.

1.  I Will Rejoice

2.  For the Joy of the Lord  

3.  Sing & Make Music in Your Heart    Solo – Andi Bray

4.  Psalm 95    Solo – Sharon Somers

5.  Praise Him, Praise Him 

6.  You Are Worthy 

7.  Psalm 57  

8.  When You Walk Through the Waters

9.  Trust in the Lord  

10.  Though the Figtree    Solo – Victoria Rensink

11.  So Do Not Fear  

12.  The Lord’s Great Love  

13.  Holy, Holy, Holy Is the Lord Almighty        

14.  Come Bless the Lord  

15.  Psalm 32    Solo – Ralph Browne

16.  Create in Me a Clean Heart  

17.  The Lord is in His Holy Temple

18.  Salvation & Power  

19.  Come Let Us Bow DownSolo – Richard Gibson

20.  I Lift My Voice  

21.  Holy (Medley)    Solo – Arlene Charters

22.  The Lord's Prayer    Solo – Robin Ideström

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